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Who we are

Royall Wealth Management - One of the most important partnerships in your life?

Derrick Royall is the driving force behind Royall Wealth and has over 20 years experience as an independent financial advisor, and over 30 years in the financial services profession. He established the business to offer a fresh new approach to financial planning, which he has developed in response to his own philosophy and research about money and happiness, and through working with a diverse range of clients.

The Royall Wealth Partnership - The most important partnership in your life - Who Are We Derrick


Our approach is to bring your money to life by working in partnership with you to develop a plan that achieves your broader financial goals and lifestyle aspirations.

Royall Wealth Management's work is combined with a strong set of values and guiding principles, which underpin their financial advice and customer service ethic.

However, we don't lose sight of the fact that essentially you wil want to acheive three main goals for your finances.

  1. Financial Security - for yourself and your family
  2. Peace of Mind - to be able to plan for the future with confidence
  3. Financial Indpependence - to be able to live the lifestyle that you want, within reason, without the fear of running out of money
Our advice is unbiased, fair and proactive – that means everything we do is in your best interests

When you've worked hard for your money, whether that's been through building a business or enjoying a successful career, you want to be sure that your financial advisor not only has the expertise and knowledge to provide sound advice, but empathises and listens to you.

We can relate to you and your needs

We fully consider your current circumstances and financial arrangements along with your future plans and aspirations too. When taking all this into account we want to achieve success and positive outcomes for our clients.

We bring money to life – that makes us unique

At Royall Wealth we go the extra mile to do this by taking the time to fully appreciating what is important to you. Often it's more than the money and financial security; it's about how to bring your money to life, to do the things that are important to you. Things which bring a smile to your face, allowing you to enjoy and share the fruits of your efforts with the people, places and causes that are closest to your heart.

We help you to create your own personal wealth vision - that makes us different

Our approach is special and unique, having been fine tuned over many years of working closely with our clients. We understand that each person has a different set of financial requirements, and a different perspective depending where you are on your financial and life journey. We tailor our solutions accordingly to work towards the results that you want.

The best possible advice – tapping into a wealth of expertise and latest investment research

A partnership approach is central to what we do, both with our clients and our network of professional experts.

These are contacts that we have made over many years, like-minded professionals, hand picked to help you with specialist requirements.

We are part of a national network of advisers, In Partnership

In Partnership is a national network of over 500 investment, mortgage and protection advisers who share a common aim: delivering high quality advice to their clients. Regular events and communications also enable the sharing of ideas and technical expertise.

Flexible business model

In Partnership believes in high quality advice and allows us the flexibility to offer you the most suitable level of advice.

Strong compliance

In Partnership offers rigorous compliance support with comprehensive and easy-to-follow guidelines to help us meet our regulatory requirements, built upon proven technology designed to deliver evidence of good outcomes for our clients and provide financial planners like us with the ability to fully document the suitability of our personal recommendations.

Financial security

In Partnership is owned by Russell Investments, one of the world’s leading investment companies. Russell has almost £1.5 trillion in assets under advice* .

Russell Corporate Profile

Adviser development programme

In Partnership provides us with training and structured Continual Professional Development to help us deliver the best advice to our clients. They also offer tailored programmes to help us with our business development plans.

Product & Investment Research

In Partnership provides us with access to market leading product research and investment solutions via leading investment analyst, Rayner Spencer Mills. This helps us to provide the best possible advice and select from the best products and investment managers for you, our clients.

Our approach is open, honest and customer focused – you get great customer care and impressive results

Our commitment is to provide you with informed and intelligent choices that are clear, effective and tailored to you. Our promise is that we treat your situation, your monies and your investments as if they were our own, working in your best interests at every stage. We consider it to be a special partnership.

Over the years we have created and refined a simple but highly effective process that maps out and plans your financial journey, at whatever stage you are at in your life. We help you to consider all of the essential financial requirements to maximise your return on life. We do the planning and paperwork so that you can get on with your busy lives.

Tax and Estate Planning advice are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We do not directly advise in Mortgages, Property, Insurance, Business Services, Tax and Legal Services. We will introduce you to a firm that can assist you in these areas. 

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We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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